John Verney: The Honourable Gentleman 
H. A. Vachell (Author)
Dr. Craig Paterson (General Series Editor)

H. A. Vachell’s ‘John Verney’ was first published in 1911. It is a sequel to his very popular ‘The Hill,’ (1905) an enjoyable and well written schoolboy novel set at Harrow. The story develops John Verney’s life beyond the confines of Harrow into the world of Edwardian politics. His earlier schoolboy rivalry with Reginald Scaife (The Demon) is the main focus of the book, as honour and truth battle with deceit and underhandedness. Verney and Scaife face political battles in electioneering for Parliament and intense rivalry for the hand of the fair Sheila Desmond, the sister of Verney’s and Scaife’s dear school friend Caesar (Henry Desmond), who was killed in action during the Anglo-Boer War. The sequel is a very worthy addition to ‘The Hill’ and should not be missed!

Horace Annesley Vachell (1861-1955) was a prolific English writer of novels, plays, short stories, essays, and autobiographical works.
This 1st Viewforth Classics edition is a revised edition of the 1911 text with new typesetting, notes, page layout, and corrections. Craig Paterson, General Editor, Viewforth Classics.
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