The Hill: An English Public School Story
H. A. Vachell (Author)
Dr. Craig Paterson (General Series Editor)
H.A. Vachell's, The Hill, first published in 1905, charts the course of John Verney's career at Harrow, from his arrival to the introduction of the new boy to its customs, traditions, slang, and rituals. The heart of the story, however, focuses on the friendships and rivalries that develop between John Verney (Jonathan), Harry Desmond (Caesar) and Scaife (Demon). Verney is the son of a parson and nephew of an explorer; Desmond is the son of an aristocratic cabinet minister; and Scaife is the son of a social climbing self made Liverpool merchant. Verney and Scaife compete throughout the story for the attentions of the handsome and noble Desmond, with Scaife embodying adventure and danger and Verney embodying loyalty and uprightness. It is clearly Desmond who represents the essence of public school life for Vachell and is thus "the light" to which the other lesser mortals of the story are inevitably drawn.

While Vachell's novel does not quite rival the very best of the genre, especially E.F. Benson's superb David Blaize, it is nevertheless a fascinating, humorous and enjoyable read. The Hill is highly recommended for all lovers of "boys own" school stories as well as for those who wish to explore the social values and customs of upper class English education during the late Victorian era.

Horace Annesley Vachell (1861-1955) was a prolific English writer of novels, plays, short stories, essays, and autobiographical works.

This 1st Viewforth Classics edition is a revised edition of the 1905 text with new typesetting, page layout and corrections. Craig Paterson, General Editor, Viewforth Classics.

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